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5 Myths about Mobile Homes

Used mobile home for sale in Texas

Mobile homes have been around for decades, and, in that time, their quality and longevity has improved dramatically. Mobile homes provide many with a practical, affordable living space that can rival other housing styles in terms of comfort, value, and viability in the modern housing market. However, despite the improvements in almost every facet of mobile home construction, there are myths that persist about used mobile homes for sale in Texas that keep many people away from exploring this option. 

That’s unfortunate, since mobile homes provide a housing solution that is widely accessible and cost effective for those who want quality housing without the typical constraints associated with traditional home ownership. Whether you opt for a new mobile home or cheap used mobile home for sale in Texas, manufactured housing can provide an attainable path to affordable home ownership for many. Don’t let the myths and misconceptions about mobile homes keep you from exploring them as a viable housing option. Read on to learn about a few of the most common myths surrounding mobile homes.

Myth 1: All Mobile Homes Look Alike

Though there may have been more uniformity with early mobile homes due to design and manufacturing processes, modern mobile homes can be as diverse as their traditional counterparts. The standard oblong mobile home template that once dominated the market is no longer a given, as mobile homes can be fabricated to any shape and size, depending on the preferences of the customer. While floor plans may be similar from mobile home to mobile home, they’re no more uniform in design than standard neighborhoods featuring houses with similar floor plans. Mobile homes can be custom-made and feature all the amenities of traditional homes, such as walk-in closets, garden tubs, and stone fireplaces. 

Myth 2: Mobile Homes Are Poorly Constructed

Another common myth that may have been true at the inception of the mobile home industry is that they’re poorly constructed. However, modern mobile homes are made to standards of quality that put them on par with many other types of housing. Newer mobile homes, especially those built to meet HUD housing standards, are considered long-term housing options. That means they are built to last from high-quality materials and craftsmanship with many using the same materials used to build traditional homes.   

Front view of mobile home for sale in TX

Myth 3:  Mobile Homes Are Prone to Damage

While it may be true that mobile homes made before 1976 may be easily damaged—especially during severe weather events—that’s no longer the case. That’s because in 1976, HUD put standards into place for mobile home construction that made mobile homes safer than ever before. Those standards have been amplified twice in the years since—once in 1994 and again in 1999—to establish strict oversight and regulation of safety standards in the mobile home industry. Modern HUD-approved mobile homes that are properly anchored are structurally sound and no more susceptible to damage than other housing types.

Myth 4: Mobile Homes Aren’t Energy Efficient

Again, this myth stems from the early days of the mobile home industry and may be true of homes manufactured before 1976. However, modern homes are designed to increase energy efficiency through improved windows, more efficient lighting, and additional insulation. Even if your mobile home isn’t brand-new, many of these energy-efficient features are easily added on.

Myth 5: Mobile Homes Quickly Depreciate

There’s a myth that mobile homes depreciate rapidly, but that’s not necessarily the case. Depreciation is a function of many factors and no housing type is immune to the influence of those factors. Depreciation is impacted by the location of the home, maintenance, and supply and demand in the local housing market. Housing type may play a role in some aspects of your mobile home’s value, but whether it depreciates or appreciates isn’t solely dependent on the style of housing. 

If you’re considering the purchase of a mobile home, don’t let these common myths keep you from exploring mobile home ownership. Mobile homes can provide an affordable path to home ownership for many, and mobile home quality is higher now than it’s ever been. 

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