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Building your forever home is an exciting process. Choosing your home features and floor plan means that your new home is exactly how you’ve imagined it – it’s yours, and no one else’s. So here’s the question: Should you settle and just buy a typical site built home, or should you consider manufactured housing for your dream home? Before you decide, you need to know the many benefits manufactured housing has to offer.

Custom Design

Mobile Home Design Process

It’s a common misconception that manufactured homes have no room for customization. This could not be further from the truth. Manufactured homes are have endless custom options. You can combine hundreds of options for a unique, custom design. From choosing an open concept floorplan to custom details in the master bath, there are many options when customizing your new home.

Ranch home? Yes. Two story? Of course. Affordable? You better believe it. Luxurious? YES!

Quicker Builds

Because modular homes are built in a climate controlled factory, you won’t experience the typical weather related delays common with traditional site built home construction. In addition, without rain or snow getting on the wood framing of a house during construction, you significantly reduce the risk of dealing with any mold problems.

Modern, efficient Construction

Interior of mobile home construction facility
Image courtesy of Champion Homes

Think you’ll get a slapped together home if you choose a manufactured home? Think again. Because our homes are built in a factory, builders have access to tools that are unavailable to construction site built homes. Builders actually get better quality construction from building a home in a factory. In fact, Manufactured homes can withstand intence weather, like hurricanes, better than most stick-built homes.

Manufactured home builders are also able to keep their construction crew working year round because all the construction is inside. This allows companies to employ skilled laborers who are more reliable workers.

High Standards of Construction

Manufactured homes are subject to the same strict building codes as conventional site built homes. The key difference is that our homes pass many inspections during the construction process. A traditional site-built home may have 3 or 4 inspections, but a manufactured home will have up to 300 or more inspections throughout the construction process.

Energy Efficient Features

Energy efficient mobile homeManufactured homes are built to be energy efficient. The insulation is a very high R value, and builders pay special attention to sealing all gaps in the home. When a home is sealed up tight and insulated, the home will use less energy to heat/cool. This means your energy bills are significantly lower.


Less Waste

According to the National Association of Home Builders, a typical 2,000 square foot site-built home produces 8,000 pounds of waste which then goes to a local landfill. Manufactured home builders, however, are able to create a more efficient process that creates far less waste.

Better Value

With all these benefits, you may think a manufactured home would end up costing more than a stick-built home. That’s actually not the case. Because these homes are built more efficiently than stick-built homes, construction costs are always less. And because the entire process is indoors, there are fewer surprises that add to the construction price.

Manufactured Home Financing

The same lending rules and regulations apply to manufactured home financing as they do to traditional-built homes. If you can qualify for a loan for a stick-built home, you can qualify for a loan for a manufactured home. There are many lenders that help new home buyers finance their dream home, and we work with the best in the industry.

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