Mobile Homes in Oklahoma – How are they made?

How Mobile Homes Are Made

Building mobile homes in Oklahoma is a process unlike any other. So many different pieces have to come together in order to create these homes. Because the houses are built in a factory, not on-site, the process requires a huge team of people working as efficiently as possible. When you’re looking for cheap mobile homes for sale in Oklahoma, you likely won’t be able to see your house getting built with your own eyes. But, keep reading and you can still learn more about how your home was built.


Are you looking for mobile homes in Oklahoma? Are you ready for your dream home? Read on to see how these homes are made, and why they are a great idea for your new home in Oklahoma.

Small mobile home


Before any materials are purchased or assembled, the manufacturers must first decide what they want the mobile home to look like. These houses are designed like other houses, but the focus must be on simplicity so they can be reproduced with ease. Once the designers have completed their plans, the workers order materials and begin construction. 

On the Assembly Line

Since mobile homes are mass-produced, they’re built in a factory using the traditional assembly-line style. Some pieces of the houses are built beforehand to make construction even easier and more efficient. For example, cabinets and countertops are already assembled and waiting in the factory to be installed in the home. 

The Frame

Construction begins with the frame of the house. Workers construct the structure and place the joists. Then, they add in the plumbing, electrical cables, and air ducts and install insulation around these elements. Once these major elements are assembled, the home is placed onto a steel chassis with wheels. Next, the subfloor is laid. After the home is delivered, the wheels will be removed, and the chassis will function as the home’s foundation. 

Appliances and Flooring

Once the basics have all been added, the major appliances can be installed. During this stage, workers fit the furnace, hot water heater, bathtub, and toilet. The plumbing is also made ready for the faucets to be added. Next, the real flooring is laid. Most mobile homes have linoleum floors, but hardwood is another popular choice. If the home is going to have carpeting, it will be added later on in the process after everything else has been installed. 

Walls, Roofing, and More

Next, the exterior walls and insulation are created and moved to the factory floor using large sliding cranes. The pieces are nailed to the flooring and attached in the corners. Interior walls are then nailed directly onto the studs, and partition walls are placed. Much like the walls, the roof is built in a different area of the factory and placed on the mobile home by cranes. Once the roof is securely in place, the workers install doors, windows, siding, trim, and shutters. At this point, the mobile home really starts coming together. Mobile homes in Oklahoma need strong support because weather can get intense in the plains.

Worker laying carpet

The Interior

Lastly, the team focuses on the interior details of the mobile home. They install interior doors, put down carpeting, place molding, hang shelves, and more. The last step is to add the refrigerator, stove, and other appliances. Now the mobile home is complete and ready to be transported to its new location.

Buying Mobile Homes in Oklahoma

Creating a mobile home from scratch is an incredibly detailed, and still straightforward, process. Now that you know how mobile homes are made, you must be more excited than ever to begin looking for small mobile homes in Oklahoma! Reach out to us at Hench’s Country Liv’n Homes to browse our full selection of available mobile homes.

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