Investing in Mobile Homes with Land Over Single-Family Houses

Investing in Mobile Homes with Land Over Single-Family Houses

Finding the right home for you and your family can be a challenge. With the demand for affordable housing rising rapidly, many people are looking into mobile homes with land for sale in Oklahoma over single-family houses. Here are five reasons why investing in mobile homes with land might be a better choice.

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Greater Stability

One of the best reasons to buy a mobile home with land in Oklahoma is you don't have to worry about moving around constantly. When you own land, purchasing a mobile home for sale in Oklahoma to be moved onto your property, providing you and your family a place to settle down for the rest of your lives. Plus, owning both the mobile home and the land the home sits on gives you more control over what happens to the property.

If you decide to put the property up for rent, you get to decide who can live there, and for how long. As a landlord, you are protected by Oklahoma landlord/tenant laws if a tenant stops paying rent or there are any other breaches in the lease. Having greater stability and control over your home will bring peace of mind to everyone involved.


Mobile homes often provide more space at lower costs than a standard single-family home. Lower costs mean ownership of a mobile home can happen quickly. And having more space means you can create a more flexible design for your mobile home. Your mobile home will be made in a factory using high-quality materials. This gives you a chance to find and purchase land to put your home on if you haven't done so already. Because they're semi-permanent, mobile homes can be removed from your land in the future. This is a great option when you aren't sure you want to own land long term.


Buying mobile homes for sale with land requires less maintenance than a traditional single-family house. Mobile homes require a smaller amount of materials that are generally inexpensive to replace over time, making home and property repairs easier to manage and more affordable, whether you choose to DIY or invest in professional help. This is a tremendous advantage for individuals and families in the low to middle-income range who could have a harder time keeping up with the maintenance expectations of a standard house.

Long-Term Advantages

Over time, the value of a mobile home and the property the home sits on will depreciate. This means that the older a mobile home gets, the lower the price will be. While you are searching for a place to live, check online or in local ads in newspapers and magazines for cheap, used mobile homes for sale. Investing in a used mobile home on land will save you a ton financially in the long run.


One of the unique advantages of investing in one of many mobile homes for sale on land in Oklahoma is that you and your spouse or significant other have a place to live safely and happily when you retire. If you have kids, you can pass your mobile home and the land to them through an inheritance or other means. You can also sell the mobile home and rent the land. This can provide extra income during your retirement years.

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