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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Mobile Home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a retiree who plans to downsize and retire to the country, or a head of household who wants a great housing value, used mobile homes for sale in Texas can provide exactly what you need. Mobile homes represent a great way to get the most bang for your housing buck, and when you select from among gently used mobile homes for sale in Texas, that value is magnified even further.

However, buying cheap mobile homes for sale in Texas is not without pitfalls. Just as is the case when buying a used vehicle, you could be purchasing a mobile home that appears to be in good shape only to find out later that there are significant problems just beneath the surface. Therefore, when purchasing a used mobile home, there are some key considerations you should take into account to avoid some of the common mistakes many homebuyers make when purchasing a used mobile home. Keep reading to learn more about mistakes that you should avoid when buying a used mobile home. 

Mobile Home with Wooden Patio

Failing to Get an Inspection

Many people who opt to purchase used mobile homes are cost-conscious consumers who want to minimize their investment in housing. Therefore, there may be an inclination to bypass hiring an inspector to save a few dollars. Doing so is a mistake, however, as an inspection of any used mobile home you’re considering is a must. There are many costs associated with moving into a new home, whether you’re purchasing a traditional house or a mobile home. A thorough inspection is simply one of those costs. A good mobile home inspector has the experience to identify potential problems and needed repairs and advise you on their severity before your purchase. Don’t skip the inspection, as that small expenditure can save you thousands over time.

Magnifying Minor Problems

When you buy a used mobile home, you may have an idealized preconceived image of what you are getting. Used mobile homes are significantly less expensive than new ones because they aren’t in new condition. Don’t pass over an excellent used mobile home value because of a minor issue that can easily be corrected. For example, you may pass on a great used mobile home value because of a leaky sink, even though that could be affordably fixed with little effort. While it’s wise to avoid used mobile homes that are riddled with problems, don’t pass on a fantastic deal because of a minor issue.

Be All about Business

Buying a new home, even if it’s a used mobile home, can represent an exciting time as you look forward to new beginnings. However, remember that when buying a used mobile home, you’re executing a business deal. As such, there’s little room for emotion. Some used mobile home buyers make the mistake of falling in love with a home, which can lead to overlooking significant issues or exorbitant pricing. Look at your home purchase, not with your heart, but with your head. Does the price seem reasonable? Are there more problems than you can afford to fix? Make sure to leave emotions out of the equation and use logic and reason to guide your purchase decisions.

Understand Financing

Financing can be tricky, especially when it comes to purchasing a used mobile home. While there are plenty of reputable lenders you can consider when purchasing a home, there are also some who are less credible. Those lenders may take advantage of you by charging exorbitant interest rates that aren’t supported by the market, which can cost you thousands more in finance charges over time. Make sure that you research reasonable current rates for mobile home buyers with credit that mirrors yours. Look for small print and clauses in any financing agreements that could result in adverse conditions for you in the future, such as balloon payments or increasing interest rates. 

Light Gray Mobile Home Being Delivered

If you’re in the market for cheap used mobile homes for sale in Texas, make sure that you avoid the mistakes mentioned above to enjoy a smooth, satisfying home buying experience. By educating yourself, getting an inspection, and logically evaluating the terms of the sale, you can get a tremendous value from the purchase of a used mobile home. For more information on mistakes you should avoid when buying a used mobile home, contact Hench’s Country Liv’n Homes at (903) 868-2577.