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Are you considering buying a mobile home?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re in the right place! Our homes have a come a LONG ways in the past few years, and we believe you’re really going to like what these homes have to offer.

Q: What’s the difference between a mobile and manufactured home?

A: This is the first question that we get from a lot of buyers. Technically, a mobile home refers to a home built in a factory prior to 1976 HUD code. After 1976, the term switched to ‘manufactured home.’ However, many consumers use the two terms interchangeably, so they really mean the same thing. Feel free to use whatever term you prefer – we’ll know what you’re talking about.

Q: What are your mobile homes like?

A: The best word to sum up our homes is ‘value.’ Whether it’s a $50,000 single section home, or a $130,000 multi section, you’re going to get a lot of space and features for your money. This is especially apparent when you compare our homes to site built homes. A new construction starter home will be anywhere from $130-140 per square foot, and a mobile home with similar features and specs will be less than $100 per square foot. Your money will go a LOT further with manufactured housing.

Q: Are mobile homes affordable?

A: Yes! They are the most affordable option if you’re looking to own your own home. Our new homes start around $50,000, and there is no other housing option that has that kind of value. 

Q: How are your homes different from a traditional site built home?

A: Do you mean better? ; ) Our homes are constructed inside a factory, which means that the entire construction process is inside a controlled environment. That means no materials left out in the rain, snow, or heat. It also means that the builders are able to purchase their materials in bulk, and the cost savings is passed on to you, the consumer. Click here to learn more about the manufactured home construction process.

Q: Can I customize my new home?

A: Of course! We have endless customization options in our homes. From flooring, to paint, to appliances, we can customize almost any aspect of your new home. We even have some builders that will match floor-plans of other builders! You have endless options when purchasing a mobile home from Hench’s Country Living Homes.

Q: Are mobile homes more vulnerable to destructive weather like tornados and hurricanes?

A: Nope. Mobile homes are built to the same standards as site built homes. In fact, those standards often exceed those of site built homes. When buying a mobile home, you can rest assured that your home is as safe as it can be in inclement weather.

Q: Is there financing available for manufactured homes?

A: Yes, and there’s lots of it. We work with the best lenders in the country to ensure that our home buyers get into the home of their dreams. There are lenders that work with ALL credit scores, and some that have down payments as low as 5%! Click here to learn more about financing options for your mobile home purchase.

Q: Will a mobile home appreciate in value?

A: It can, yes. If the mobile home is affixed to real property (the land), the home and the land will appreciate, much like a site built home.