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You’ve likely heard many opinions about mobile homes and the advantages of owning one. If you’re considering the purchase of one of the used mobile homes for sale in Oklahoma, this post is for you! People choose mobile homes for a variety of reasons. Some want to invest more dollars buying the land their home sits on, rather than on the home itself. Others prefer a home that requires less maintenance. There are several advantages to purchasing a mobile home. Continue reading and learn more about the benefits of mobile homeownership.

Mobile Homes Make Sense

When you compare the cost of buying a stick-built home vs. investing in a mobile home, owning a mobile home typically costs less. Look at it this way, buying a traditional home means a hefty down payment, often difficult loan requirements, and a mortgage. Maybe you’re not quite ready to qualify for a stick-built home. Or, maybe you just prefer something more affordable. Whatever the reason, why not invest in a smaller home with a lower cost? If you decide later to go bigger, you can do it. In the meantime, you’ll build equity. Like other mobile homeowners, you may even discover you love the lifestyle.

Speaking of Equity

You know the money you’re paying to your landlord each month? You’re grateful for a place to call home, but you’re helping pay their mortgage. When your landlord collects your rent, it goes directly to their account. When you move out, your landlord doesn’t write you a check and reimburse you for rents paid. On the other hand, owning a mobile home offers you the chance to build equity. That means your home is now an asset. Sure, unless you put the home on a piece of land you own, you’ll still pay a lot of rent, but the home belongs to you. When you build up equity in a home, it allows you to recoup at least part of your investment should you decide to sell.

Mobile Homes Can Appreciate in Value

Whether you’re considering used double wide mobile homes for sale or you’re interested in a smaller single wide model, you should feel confident knowing that your home may appreciate in value over time. Despite myths to the contrary, mobile homes can, and often do appreciate. Like traditional homes, appreciation depends on multiple factors. Things like current housing market, location, age of the home, and condition all impact home values. If you maintain a well-cared-for mobile home, it can appreciate in value, which is another benefit of owning a mobile home. Also, if you own the land your home sits on, the land may appreciate even if the home’s value stays the same.

Easy to Manage Maintenance

Due to their smaller living space, mobile home maintenance requires less time and less money than a traditional home. Just about any maintenance task or repair you make to a mobile home cost less. Consider what a homeowner spends to replace a traditional shingle roof. You won’t spend anywhere near the same amount to repair or replace a mobile home roof. You’re also heating and cooling a much smaller space. Your energy bills should run much lower than if you lived in a stick-built home with larger square footage. Also, you’ll spend less if you should need to replace the HVAC unit on your mobile home.

Benefits of Owning a Mobile Home

You Can Move a Mobile Home

You might have guessed mobile homes are, well, mobile. Yes, you can move them from a mobile home park to a piece of land you own. That’s why you can always request used mobile homes for sale in Oklahoma to be moved. Also, you might not realize it, but you can move a double-wide right onto a basement foundation!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the benefits of owning a mobile home. The mobile home specialists here at Hench’s Country Liv’n Homes would love to talk with you about other benefits of ownership. Contact us today, and let’s select a new home for you!