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Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Mobile Homes

If you’re new to the idea of owning a mobile home in Texas, you may not realize one size doesn’t fit all buyers. You’ll have an option to choose between a single-wide and a double-wide home. Before you begin searching for double wide mobile homes for sale in Texas, learn more here about the differences between the two mobile homes. Both make an excellent choice, but you’ll appreciate knowing which style might fit your needs best before you make your final decision.

Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Mobile Homes

The Difference in Floor Space

The obvious difference between the single-wide and double-wide mobile home is size. Everyone has a different idea of the floor space they want and need in a home. When you look at small mobile homes for sale, or single-wides, your living space will measure roughly 400 to 1400 square feet. The single-wide runs about 15 feet wide with around 72 feet of length. Double-wides offer more square footage and run between1,100 and 2,400 square feet. Most double-wides are 26 feet wide with a 56-foot length, and that standard applies to most double wide mobile homes in Texas.

You Can Move Your Mobile Home

Something most people who own mobile homes love is the idea of mobility. The name gives it away, but what many people don’t understand before they buy is that one size is easier to move than the other. You can move both sizes to either a mobile home park or your own land using a trailer. The single-wide by far is easier to move when you’re ready to relocate. The double-wide, in some cases may need to be moved in two sections. Even if you hire a house mover who can accommodate moving the home in one piece, you’ll pay more to move the double-wide than you will for the single-wide.

That said, moving the single-wide may be easier, but you’ll still need a professional mobile home mover. Much more goes into transporting either size home than simply hooking the home up to a truck with a hitch and moving it down the road.

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Who Buys a Single-Wide vs. a Double-Wide?

While not considered compact by any means, the smaller square footage of a single-wide makes them the ideal choice for an individual or even a couple. For most families with children, the single-wide can feel cramped. It’s not so much the square footage, but the limited amount of furnishings you can fit in inside. Smaller families of one to two members usually don’t need the furniture or storage space of a larger family. Many owners choose the single-wide as a vacation home. If you have large family or enjoy having room for overnight guests and space to entertain, consider the double-wide. Whatever your needs are for living space, you’ll have no problem setting up either size in a mobile home community or on your own land.

The Cost Difference

In most cases, you’ll pay less for a single-wide, which makes sense due to its size. Smaller home, smaller price, right? Both size mobile homes vary in price depending on age, condition, and if you’re buying new, the features you choose for your home. Another thing to consider is transportation. In addition to the cost of your home, you’ll also need to budget for moving it to your location. Of course, you’ll remove transportation from the equation when you shop for mobile homes with land for sale in Texas.

Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Mobile Homes

Now that we’ve cleared up a few differences between single and double-wide mobile homes, we’d love to show you your new home. 

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