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While browsing for mobile homes for sale in Texas, you may have noticed the terms “modular” and “manufactured” being used, often interchangeably. Modular and manufactured homes do have a lot of similarities. For example, both types of housing have identical internal and structural builds. There are also some key differences between these two types of housing.

Mobile homes for sale in Texas

Manufactured versus Modular

The term “manufactured home” used to refer to small mobile homes for sale. Manufactured homes come in three sizes: single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide, and are often only one level, or story. Modular homes are complete homes. This type of home is also commonly referred to as factory-built or prefabricated (prefab) homes. Because of their sturdy foundation, modular homes can handle multiple levels. 

Manufactured homes and modular homes are both built in a factory and moved to their designated location later. The main differences between the two types of homes is that manufactured homes are built with a chassis that acts as the foundation, which you can also use to move the home from site to site. Modular homes, on the other hand, are permanently attached to a site’s foundation the same way a standard on-site home is. 

Building Codes 

In the mid-70s, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, implemented codes that ensured manufactured homes were built to a high standard of living. HUD codes are still used today by home inspectors to monitor design construction, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. Modular homes have been monitored by state, county, or city codes, which tend to be much stricter than federal HUD codes. Currently, though, most states have adopted HUD codes, so standards for each type of housing is now on more equal footing than in the past. 

Mobile homes for sale in Texas


Fortunately, today there are many ways for you to personalize a manufactured home. You can choose between hundreds of floor plans or create one of your own. If you have unique requirements, these can be included in the design of the home along with your favorite interior décor features. 

Modular homes are completely customizable. You can choose any style (Mediterranean, Mid-Century, Contemporary, etc.) and create an entirely personalized floor plan before the home is built. You can add multiple stories, unique design requirements, and edgy architectural and decorative features to create a home that fits you and your family perfectly.  


Manufactured mobile homes tend to be more affordable than modular homes. This is because modular homes typically have more square footage than manufactured homes. With the available customization options today, the cost of both types of homes can rise significantly. Fortunately, there are some great financing options that have cropped up in recent years. 

These days, you can get an FHA, VA, and USDA-approved loan that covers your manufactured home and the land the home sits on, at the same low rates and fair terms as modular and on-site homes. Mortgage lenders have recently started evaluating the costs of manufactured homes side by side with modular and other site-built homes to give homebuyers like you the home you want at the best value. 

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