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There are a lot of different homes to choose from out on the market today, but mobile homes present some of the best values for money for people who are budget-conscious and want greater flexibility and freedom. If you’re interested in buying mobile homes for sale in Texas or selling your current mobile home, here’s what you need to know about the process. 

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Purchasing Directly From a Dealer

There are several ways to go about buying a mobile home, but you have to keep in mind that things are a little different in Texas. In the Lone Star State, there are different regulations surrounding the transfer of a mobile home from seller to buyer. So long as the seller has clear, uncontested ownership, then you can expect a relatively smooth closing process. It’s especially easy if you’re buying from a reputable mobile home dealer. A manufactured home dealer handles these transactions every day, so you can anticipate that most, if not all, of the paperwork will be taken care of by the professionals. All you really have to do is turn up on the day of closing with payment and identification in hand. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you ask your dealer or sales agent about the necessary documents required to close the deal. Before you know it, one of those awesome and cheap double-wide mobile homes for sale will be all yours!

Private Purchases

When you’re searching for cheap mobile homes for sale, you may find your perfect home that’s up for sale privately. Rather than going directly to the manufacturer or dealer, you would be negotiating a private sale, which will require a statement of ownership and location. Back in 2003, Texas switched from traditional paper titles for mobile homes to a more internet-friendly approach. Rather than a printed mobile home title, Texas now uses Statements of Ownership and Location, commonly referred to as a SOL. This form is generated and printed by the state of Texas and mailed to every mobile homeowner shortly after the sale is closed and filed with the state. A SOL is a physical piece of paper, but the ownership records are also kept online in a public record visible to everyone. 

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Proof of Ownership

Another thing you want to keep in mind when exploring the possibility of buying or selling a mobile home is that the SOL documents make things easier than the traditional mobile home titles of the past. Some sellers might not even have the original SOL with them, as it could have been lost or misplaced. As long as the online database correctly shows the current owner, then everything is approved. That database is crucial as it shows the current owner of the mobile home. If you buy a mobile home, you can expect to see your name on the online SOL database relatively soon. This database is searchable, so you can find details on any mobile home. This will be a great resource for you as you’re searching for the right mobile home to buy, and looking at the database can give you some fantastic insights. You can figure out the age, size, ownership history, and more of the mobile home before you decide to buy and sign on the dotted line.

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