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Tips for Selling Your Mobile Home

The goal when you sell your mobile home is to get the highest price possible for a successful sale. Applying the following practices when listing mobile homes for sale in Oklahoma will help you sell your home faster and at a great price. 

How Is Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

When potential buyers drive by your home, they don’t focus on the for sale sign. What draws attention to your home is its curb appeal. Does your home have any damage that could turn buyers off from pursuing more information about your home? Fixing damaged sidewalks, driveways, decking, and painting dingy exteriors are great ways to boost the curb appeal of your mobile home. Also, consider the landscaping around the home. Is it overgrown with weeds or out-of-control shrubbery? Doing a little yard work and adding some colorful flowers can make all the difference between buyers who drive on by and those who stop and want to take a closer look. 

Remove Clutter from Inside the Home

You live in your home, but buyers want to imagine themselves living in the space. This is hard to do when all of your personal items are scattered throughout the house. Invest in a storage pod to store items you don’t use every day, and place other items, such as shoes, jackets, and children’s toys, in closets or storage bins to keep the area as clean as possible. Clear your counters and vacuum and sweep daily. Cleaning your home each day beyond the usual picking up after yourself may seem like overkill, but it means you won’t be scrambling to make the home presentable when a buyer unexpectedly schedules a showing. 

Replace Light Bulbs with Bright LED Bulbs

Today’s buyers want spacious and bright spaces. Even if bright LED lighting isn’t your thing and you prefer softer lighting, remember that you’re trying to sell your home quickly and for the right price. Switching out old light bulbs for brighter LED options makes spaces look bigger, and buyers want lots of room for their families to spread out.

Changing light bulb in mobile homes

Be Willing to Negotiate

Many buyers don’t want to hear the suggestion that they’ve priced their home too high. However, in a crowded marketplace where there are cheap mobile homes for sale, buyers need to be willing to negotiate. You don’t necessarily need to come down on your price, but if a buyer offers full asking price in exchange for you replacing the carpet before the sale, this is something to consider. Remember, a successful sale is a sale that happens quickly. The longer your home stays on the market, the less desirable it becomes to buyers. Use smart negotiation techniques to sell your home faster. 

Consider Selling Your Home to a Dealership

There are mobile and manufactured home dealerships that buy used mobile homes to add to their inventory. If you need to sell your home fast and you’re willing to negotiate a lower selling price, consider this option. Dealerships purchase single-wide mobile homes, double-wides, and even triple-wide mobile homes. 

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