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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny home? It’s never been a better time to consider downsizing and live in a small house that can be transported around the states. However, you might be concerned about the potential limits that a tiny home can present, such as living in such a small, narrow space. Here’s everything you’ll want to consider before investing your money in a tiny home.

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Pre-Owned vs. Custom-Built

There are two different tiny home build types that you can choose from, pre-owned or custom. The advantage of buying a tiny home that was previously owned is that it will be less expensive than a custom-built home. However, ordering a custom-built tiny home can allow you to live in a house that’s precisely to your liking. That means the color, design, and style of your tiny house is entirely up to you. When comparing these two options, the most significant factors to keep in mind is your budget and what kind of lifestyle you really want to live.

Mobile Home vs Tiny Home

Although they might seem similar, a mobile home and tiny home are two different types of property. Mobile homes can be moved around and aren’t typically kept in a permanent location. However, tiny homes can be both permanent and mobile; this just depends on their build. When choosing which home to buy, consider your needs, whether they are traveling around the country or having a solid foundation in a single place. However, if you end up buying a tiny home that isn’t mobile and want to travel; don’t fear. You can always hire a tiny home renovation team to make your home mobile for easy traveling around the country.

tiny house for sale in Oklahoma

The Overall Cost of a Tiny Home

The home itself might be tiny, but the cost usually isn’t. These types of property typically run anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. The cost difference often depends on the materials used, as well as any additional features that are tacked on like extra storage space or extended living areas. When buying your tiny home, make sure you consider the actual cost of such property and determine if you can make the financial commitment.

Where You Can Take a Tiny Home

Most acceptable locations to “park” your tiny home include the property of friends or family members, in addition to campgrounds and some national parks. However, the areas that you use as the foundation for your tiny home have to be zoned appropriately. Keep in mind that specific campgrounds for tiny homes can charge you up to $500/month. Ensure that you have the budget to pay these parking fees. Fortunately, there are still plenty of affordable areas to live in your tiny home, so don’t imagine it as impossible to live in a tiny house on property that isn’t owned by someone you know.

There are a few factors to keep in close consideration when buying a tiny home, from comparing pre-owned to custom models to the overall cost. Using this guide, you will have an easier time deciding whether or not you want to invest in a tiny home today. When you’re ready to start looking for tiny houses for sale in Oklahoma, head to to check out our extensive inventory.