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What You Should Know About Double Wide Mobile Homes

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These days, more emphasis is placed on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, shaking up a lot of industries and traditions. The housing market isn’t excluded from this movement, with soon-to-be homeowners becoming increasingly interested in unconventional construction methods that are more environmentally friendly and affordable than their traditional counterparts. A good example of this is modular building, which involves putting together prefabricated components to create a structure.

While the method isn’t completely new, it’s certainly the best option to take in the wake of recent environmental problems. Another great choice one can go for is to buy a mobile home, which is quite similar to a modular one because it’s constructed off-site. What sets the two apart is that the former comes with a steel chassis for support. This allows it to be disassembled, transported, and set up in a new location with ease, unlike other prefabricated types. This kind of residence is also much easier to customize than its traditionally-built counterpart.

Click here for a video about double wide mobile home construction from one of our partner manufacturers, Clayton Homes.

When the time comes that you need more space, all you have to do is attach another unit. But, if you know right from the start that you want plenty of room, go for brand new or used double-wide mobile homes for sale in Texas. 

Mobile Home with Deck

What a Double-Wide Mobile Home Is

A single-wide type is typically 15-feet wide and 72-feet long with an area that ranges from 702 to 1,200 square feet. While the rectangular structure can accommodate a living area, dining room, kitchen, and more than one bed and bath, it can still be too narrow for some people. This limited space can also restrict floor plan and interior design ideas.

This is where the double-wide mobile home enters. As implied by its name, it’s much bigger than a standard type since it uses two single-wide units that are seamlessly combined. It’s usually 26-feet wide and 56-feet long. Depending on the chosen size, its area can be 1,100 to 2,400 square feet. This allows users to decorate and live in an open, spacious layout.  

How It’s Transported and Assembled

Because of its size, transporting a double-wide mobile home takes more time and effort. It’s split in two, and the halves are loaded onto different trailers. Once they arrive on the building site, they’ll be unloaded and connected to form one large structure.

In assembling the unit, one section has to be planted firmly onto the prepared base or foundation. When it’s secure in place, a marriage gasket will be installed on its edges. This will create an air barrier between the two pieces, sealing them together and keeping them insulated. But, before the second half is attached, professionals will have to install mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Appliances like air conditioners, heaters, and ventilators, are also set up during this stage. 

This is followed by the installation of the other half to create a single unit. It’s then anchored to the ground with the help of a foundational system that levels and secures the entire structure. For the last step, the contractors will connect the floors, walls, and roof. 

Large Mobile Home

How Much It Costs 

Since it’s twice the size of a single-wide, a double-wide comes with a higher price tag. Two trucks for delivery and machines for installation are also rented. But, it’s still a good investment as homeowners won’t have to worry about needing more space. If they ever have to move, the unit can be disassembled, transported, and anchored to a new location easily. This saves people from spending on a new home. 

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