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Winter Safety Checklist for Mobile Homes

If you love mobile home living in Oklahoma, you love it even more during the winter. Sure, it gets cold and sometimes snows, but you won’t need to break out your longies or your snowshoes. That said, you’ll want to stay warm and safe! Today we’re sharing a few things from our winter safety list. Read on and make note of things you can do to stay safe this winter.

Stay Warm and Safe

A mobile home makes a cozy retreat from chilly winter temperatures. Who doesn’t enjoy curling up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa on a cold evening? Proper maintenance of your furnace will ensure your home is a safe retreat. Start by changing or cleaning your furnace filter. Check with your furnace manufacturer for instructions on how often you should change the filter. Also, don’t use your furnace closet for storage. If you have carpet in your furnace compartment replace it with sheet metal. Make sure you have a piece of wire mesh in front of your furnace stack. Check and clean your thermostat. Finally, schedule routine furnace maintenance before the heating season begins.

Testing smoke detector

Check Your Detectors

Never leave smoke detection up to your nose! Even though you live in a smaller home, you might not smell smoke until it’s too late. Instead, rely on your smoke detectors. All new mobile homes for sale in Oklahoma should have a hardwired smoke alarm system or one with a 10-year battery. Even if you think you have years left on your battery, it’s always a good idea to check it at the beginning of the winter. Don’t forget your carbon monoxide detector. They use batteries too! If you don’t have one, consider installing one this year.  

Take Fire Prevention Seriously

No matter where you live, you should always be aware of fire safety. For mobile homeowners, winter is an excellent time to make sure you’re up to date with a fire safety plan. Even if you live alone, have a fire drill and see how quickly you can get out. Using candles during the winter creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home, but make sure you blow them out before leaving or going to bed. If you use space heaters, don’t leave them unattended and unplug them before you go to bed. Prevent cooking fires by never leaving cooking food unattended.

Say No to Overloaded Circuits

Winter means holiday season! If you enjoy stringing lights and creating a festive environment inside and outside your home, consider safety first. It’s easy to get carried away between lighting the tree inside and the life-size inflatable Frosty outside. Go ahead and light up the neighborhood but do it safely. Make sure you don’t overload electrical outlets and circuits. Instead of running all your light stringers on one extension cord, use multiple cords and plug them into different outlets. When you look for mobile homes for sale, always ask about the electrical system and once you move in, familiarize yourself with your electrical panel.

Overloaded electrical outlet

Now you have your safety list! Winter is also a great time to look for mobile homes for sale. Whether you’re starting your mobile home journey or you’re looking to upgrade, contact us at Hench’s Country Liv’n Homes.